Light blue opaline-pastel

blue opaline-pastel

Description: The latest nest in the breeding season 2003 had a surprise in store. A light blue Bourke's young. The eyes are red. The head is white with a small trace of red. The hind neck back and rump are light sky blue. The wings are light brown with yellow margined secondary and tertial wing feathers an wing coverts. The breast and belly are white. The tail is dark blue. This colours go very well together.

Name: I named this young light blue opaline-pastel. This is because the father is a blue opaline, split for pastel and the mother is a yellow opaline-pastel. The opaline characteristic is not visible in this picture but the underwing stripe is broad. When she grew older some white on the bent of the wing was visible. In the same nest there was a green opaline.

Development: My plan is to mate this young with a blue opaline split for pastel. I hope this can be the start of this beautiful new colour variety. But I have to be patient. She was born late in the season.

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Copyright 2003 by Bob Fregeres