Checklist weeds and seeds

blessed thistle cnicus benedictus seeds
canadian horseweed erigeron canadensis seeds, weeds
capsella capsella seeds,weeds
common buglos anchusa officinalis seeds, flowers
common dandelion taraxatum officinale seeds, weeds
common nipplewort lapsana communis seeds
common plantain plantago major seeds
common St.Janswort hypericum perforatum seeds
common tansy tancetum vulgare seeds
common wormwood artemisia vulgaris seeds, weeds
curly dock rumex crispus dry seeds
dill anethum graveolens seeds
European centaury centaurium minus seeds
geranium geranium seeds
hawkweed hieracium seeds
henpnettle galeopsis seeds
high mallow malva sylvestrus seeds.weeds
Jack go-to-bed-at-noon tragopogon pratensis seeds
lawn daisy bellis perennis seeds, weeds
sow thistle sonchus seeds, weeds
spotted ladys thumb polygonum persicaria seeds
pot marigold calendula officinalis seeds
Robert geranium geranium robertianum seeds
witch's money bags sedum telepium seeds
quack grass elytrigia repens seeds, weeds

See NRCS website for the National plants data center of the U.S. The address is: and You will find there pictures, descriptions, and further information.

My Bourke's love the capsella and of course the common chickweed, but I give them a lot of spotted ladies thumb, especially in the period of moulting. Common tansy I use only in little amount. The seeds are helpful to control worms, but you have to be careful not give to much. The Dutch writer, Jo van Rooy wrote: "100 heilzame planten". This book give information about all plants in this list. Warning about noxious plants is not needed, this list contains only plants we can use. It is easy to make an own list of weeds , make a note of the periods you can find the weeds in the neighbourhood

Weeds are a good supplement in the diet of the Bourke, a source of vitamins and minerals and can be a nice contribute to activity and health of our birds. Of course we have to be careful for contamination by picking the seeds. Never give the Bourke's wet weeds.

If you know good introductions written in the English language about weeds and seeds growing in other climates and useful for parrots, please send me information.

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