Cobalt blue

Description: The blue parts of the plumage are changed into cobalt blue. The picture shows a hen. The beak is dark horn coloured. The head is grey rose. The contour feathers of the breast have a dark centre round the quil. The whole area of head, throat and hindneck is same coloured .The shoulders are violet blue just as a part of the wing and the undertail coverts. The rump has a little tinge of green, just as seen in the margins of the wingcoverts. I have sought after traces of the opaline characteristics, holding the bird in my hands. There is only a very little trace of bluish white in the flights. The underwing band is quite normal like a wildtype hen.

Under tail coverts

Development: This hen is born from a combination of a dark wildtype cock, split for opaline, split for blue and a blue opaline hen. So it is perhaps a cobalt blue opalin hen. I wait for further developments this year.

Name giving: The name cobalt is given because of the change of the colour of the back and under tail coverts. The name opaline is based upon the fact that a small trace of white is seen in the outer wing feathers and the reduction of eumelanin in the upper and lower back. Also the colour of the legs are lighter than normal. The name is further based upon the mutation factors possesed by the parents.

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