Cross table 5: opaline, sex-linked inheritance

cross table opaline


Opaline is the name of the melanin distribution in the plumage. The colour variety can have different colours. First developed is the rose opaline. is sex-linked. Only cocks can be split.
The best combinations are: cock 1 x hen 1, and cock 2 x hen 1. The first combination brings only opaline, cock 2 x hen 1. the second combination gives opaline cocks and hens and split cocks. The wildtype hen does not has the opaline factor.
Next best is the combination cock 1 x hen 2
There are combinations in which it is possible to get rid off the opaline factor, when we need pure wildtypes. For instance cock 2 x hen 1. Of course also in the combinations: cock 1 x hen 2, and cock 3 x hen 1.

(o) = opaline, ( /o) = split opaline, (-) = no mutation

dark yellow is the best choice
bright yellow is a good choice

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