Cross-table 65:edged-opaline,

recessive and sex-linked


first year
hen 1
0-1 edged
cock 1
1-0 opaline
1-0 wildtype (/o/e)
0-1 opaline (o/e)

1. First year:
We have two problems starting the development of the edged opaline. There are only a few hens, that are strong edged. And we cannot use an opaline hen, because the inheritance of the opaline factor is sex-linked. Therefore we have to choose for an opaline cock and a edged hen.
Wildtype cocks, split for opaline and split for edged. Opaline hens, split for edged.

second year
hen 1
0-1 opaline
cock 1
1-0 wildtype
( /o/e)
1-0 edged-opaline (o+e)
1-0 opaline (o/e)
1-0 edged (e/o)
1-0 wildtype (/o/e)
1-0 wildtype (/o)
0-1 edged-opaline (e+s)
0-1 opaline (o/e)
0-1 opaline (o)
0-1 edged (e)
0-1 wildtype (/e)

2. Second year:
It is possible to breed edged-opaline in the second year, cocks and hens. We can not use all the offspring.
Valuable for further breeding are:
1-0 edged-opaline (e+o)
1-0 edged (e/o)
0-1 edged-opaline (e+o)
0-1 edged (e)
We don’t use the wildtype cocks and the opaline hens because of the chance of splits.

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