Edged-opaline Bourke (R-65)


This picture is made in the aviary of Hendrikse. It is an edged-opaline cock. Head, hind neck and shoulders are red. The back is red. The wings are red partly. The wing coverts and the tertials have a lot of yellow pigment. The tail has a yellow and light rose suffusion.

The intensity of the red pigment shows that only a little bit of eumelanin in the head and back is preserved. The wings are showing some melanin in the feather shafts and the kernel of the wing coverts. The white triangle in the flights is a characteristic of the opaline colour variety.

The eumelanin is lost in a part of the blue and brown wing feathers and wing coverts. The primaries show a grey white striping. In the tail a fine striping is just visible. The shaft and the barbs some melanin is preserved. This is one of the characteristics of the edged colour variety. All the feathers of the primaries have a dark tip.

In the plumage the combined characteristics of the eumelanin of the opaline and the edged are visible. The body colour is a mix of red and yellow. In the distribution of yellow and red pigment the red dominates.


The combination of the edged and the opaline is made to breed an edged Bourke in the red series. This combination has a broad yellow band on the wings. This is remnant of the yellow back and wing colour of the edged cock. Such a yellow band we find also in the rubino with underdeveloped red that is developed from the lutino. Mating this specimen with a rose opaline makes possible the complete disappearing of the yellow pigment on the wings and tail. In the end a colour variety will appear that is resembling the rubino except the dark tips on the flights.

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