Variants of the Edged Bourke's Parrot
This pictures of the Edged Bourke's Parrot I get from Willem Kaspers. Some readers of my website had the need for more and, if possible- different pictures of this variety, There are some reasons for it. In Holland and Germany the Edged became more popular again. But the most important reason is the fact that there is a lot of variation in this variety. The combination of the Edged and the Rose Opaline is not recognised always. Kaspers is one of the breeders who did develop the variety in Holland. One of the most beautiful combinations is the Apricot, a yellow variety with a red suffusion. Kaspers did develop this combination himself. He is striving for perfection always.
The red suffused yellow Edged Bourke's Parrot
Yellow Edged
The head of the Edged is almost allways much darker then the back
Cmbination of the Rose Opaline and Edged variety
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