White opaline-pastel

white Bourke

Description: This picture shows a white opaline-pastel. A young hen. The eyes are red. The back is silver white, just as the head, the hind neck, the throat and the chest. The rump is light sky blue. The wings and tail are light brown, but bleached. In the flights a white triangle is seen vaguely.

Name giving: White is the reference colour. The name I gave is white opaline-pastel. The light green opaline-pastel (G-53) has the same silver white head. Compared with this colour variety the difference is the strong reduction of the eumelanin in the whole plumage and a small possession of psittacine pigments. When this bird had preserved more melanin the colour of the back would has been blue, probably.

Development: Development has to waite. The first white was the last young in a nest of four. The parents did not feed him well. He grew up, but with hand feeding. He was tame so I could take him with me in the garden. Unfortunedly he died when he was six month old. A pity. Not every start can be successful.

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