Yellow edged Bourke

Description: This Bourke's cock is one of the best yellow edged Bourke's. The eumelanin is gone in nearly the whole plumage. The colours of the back, wings and rump can compete with the lutino. The possession of red and yellow pigments is clearly visible. This comparison is possible because of the loss of melanin. The separation between rose head and neck continuous in throat and breast and the yellow hind neck and upper back is very clear. The tips of the feathers of the wing have some remnant melanin. The eyes are dark. On the head we see the blue frontal band, grey cheeks and crown. The beak has melanin, the legs and nails also.

Colour variety: Yellow edged is the proper name. Edged is the translation of gezoomd (Holland) In Germany they use the same name: Gesäumt. Yellow is the reference colour. Edged is a characteristic of the eumelanin.

Development: In Holland and Germany some breeders were busy to develop this yellow edged Bourke. The selection was directed towards less melanin as possible. This picture shows the peak of the development. It is a pity that most of them sold them when the price was normalised. The combination with other colour varieties has a future. Some examples: The combination with the yellow pastel is used to diminished the eumelanin. There are many lutino with a lot of red on the back. The combination can be fruitful to intensify the yellow colour.

This picture shows the front side of the same cock. The white under tail coverts is one of the main characteristics of this variety. In this picture we see that the loss of melanin is found in breast and belly also. I made this photos in the aviaries of Besters, who had some years ago many of this beautiful birds.

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