Bourke's Parrot (Neopsephotus bourkii)

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I Wildtype Bourke's Parrot

Info Wild-type.

To breed the Bourke's Parrot we should know the specific charac-teristics of this bird-species. The Bourke is not a Neophema species but is a separate species, this is proven in practice and research.

The plumage and the possession of feather structure and pigment is important to the mutation breeder

To understand the mutations information is needed about the production of pigments en feather structure. The production process is influenced by genetic factors. Also colour altering is caused by genetic factors.

Information and ideas about caring and breeding results are given in checklists.

Starting points of the website

  • The Wild-type is the startingpoint of breeding mutations.
  • use of clear terminology
  • common names and scientific names
  • new method of namegiving
  • classification of varieties and mutation factors
  • classification model
  • practical means

The Bourke as a separate bird-species

The plumage of the Bourke

Checklists quality management

IV Communication

V Links

VI Analysis of colour of feathers and varieties

II Info mutations

These info give a survey of the most imoortant colour varieties of the Bourke's Parrot. They have a numbre . For easy reference of the table of all varieties

Colour varieties:

Breeding results

Since the beginning of this website I made pictures from joung Bourke's. I give a short description of every picture

Some breeding results in 2003

Some breeding results 2004

Some breeding results 2005

Some breeding results 2006

New Pictures 2007

Collage Bourke's varieties 2009

    III Genetics in practice and theory

    Cross tables

    Cross-tables are a help to the mating of different varieties. In most surveys the accent lays upon percentages to the possible outcomes of a combination. But there are other ways t find out which combination shall give the best results.


    Case studies

    A report from the practice about the development of a mutation can be a big help to the breeders who are starting with the mutation. In the first phase of development unexpected things can happen. It is very usefull to describe the first periods in bird magazins

    Background knowledge of genetics

    Basic knowledge of genetic is needed for the mutation breeder. The pages that are dedicated to the basic facts are kept down. It is worh a try to study this pages. I tried to describe the subjects in a readeble way . I tried to direct the theme's to the practice of mutation breeding like comparing of varieties

    Identification of new varieties

    Variance in varieties

    Name giving of colour varieties and mutation factors

    A survey of mutation factors and varieties is very useful. I use the common names in the mother language to the varieties. I use to the mutation factors names referred to research. Sometimes the development of a name is very interesting. I discribed a case of namegiving.


    New in this site: 22 Novembre 2009

    Some pictures made by Hans van de Marss friend and birdfancier in Holland. You can find them as collage (015) and numbers: 016...024.

    A birdfancier from Toronto E-mailed me, but by accident the message was saved.I want to contact him.

    Please don't use my E-mail adress fregeres@bourkes parakeet but use fregeres@


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